GIMME GREEN goes national on
the Sundance Channel

The Sundance Channel has acquired exclusive U.S. television broadcast rights for Gimme Green.

What does that mean? It means Gimme Green is premiering on national TV on The Sundance Channel's 'The Green'. (Robert Redford hosts it).

Here are the 4 confirmed air-dates for Gimme Green on the Sundance Channel:

Tuesday 8/28 @ 10:30pm
Thursday 8/30 @ 1:30am
Friday 8/31 @ 11:30am
Sunday 9/2 @ 4:30pm

(these times are the same for both PST/EST)
(DIRECT TV-SUNDANCE CHANNEL IS #549 if you subscribe to Showtime/TMC)

Also, it hopefully means that people are becoming more interested and more willing to re-evaluate their own actions with respect to the
environment and their consumer activities, which we believe we all are.

Here's a link to our schedule on the web site where
you can set up an E-reminder to contact you before it shows.

We are very excited to be included in the Sundance Channel's lineup and we hope the exposure raises awareness about the incredible amount of resources we waste through our landscaping practices.